Who We Are

A movement of passion, energy and mindful harmony; We at Pranayamah work towards building a brand filled with inspiration, inclusivity and artistry.

Our aspiration is focused on bringing together a style that moves beyond clothing, it designs a feeling of connection that links the body, mind and spirit.

Our brand believes in adding value to our community through our ultimate goal of achieving absolute sustainability with quality that
gives you the confidence to train, focus and reinforce your potential

“The Earth inspired us with its design.
We want to inspire you, by creating mindful harmony and giving life to what we cherish the most.”



The Realization of Perspective Through Enlightenment

A true journey of self-discovery generates strong awareness which transcends into an enlightened perception of being and self.

“Prajna” by Pranayamah is our very first collection of yoga that emerges from the Island of Sri Lanka, seeks to search the soul and bring together the elements of Connection, Strength & Acceptance to create the ultimate medium of expression and inspiration.

Nature is our compass and Pranayamah invites you to seek direction, on your path of introspective contemplation from the lungs of the earth, the world’s deepest waters, and the fires of the open sky.


Creative Illustrator and Designer Fernando Alvarez

Plasticbionic is a contemporary design studio established by Julien Brisson, a french


We Believe In Sharing

At Pranayamah,

Our ultimate vision is to bring together an entire community of people, inspired by movement and self-discovery.

Our intentions as a brand are to uplift and support you by building bridges between varied community circles across the globe to grow, transform and be the best version of yourself.

Discover the Healing Power of Yoga: Elevate Your Mind, Body, and Wardrobe with Pranayamah Yoga Clothing

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