to slow it down.

Inspired by nature. Designed for your flow.
Explore the Prajna Collection.

Set the tone for your flow.

yoga pose
Flow with the waves of the ocean.
yoga pose 02
Feel the freedom of the open skies.
yoga pose 03
Ground yourself in the moment.

Find your moment
with the Prajna Collection.

Whatever your mood is, put on your favourite Prajna set and immerse yourself in one perfect moment.

Let your Prajna piece be a reminder to slow things down and to take care of what matters most: your peace of mind. So let go of your tensions as you breathe out and breathe in the stillness of this moment.

This is you in perfect balance, in this moment. This is your Pranayamah.

Return to your Nature
with Pranayamah

We believe that all of us have the capacity for great happiness within ourselves. We just get lost in the daily grind sometimes. That’s why at Pranayamah, our goal is to help you create perfect moments to immerse yourself in in the here and now.

We believe that perfection is in the details so we invest ourselves in the design of your clothing. Notice how the colour and cut sets the right mood. Observe it stretch and breathe with you. Feel the air touch your back as you move through your flow.

Above all, we believe that reconnecting with nature can help us find our peace and balance again. With this in mind, we pledge to adopt more sustainable practices over time for the good of us all.

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50 pieces per style.
No repeats.

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Sustainably made
biodegradable packaging

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Ethical practices through
our supply chain

Share in our discoveries.

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