The Birth of Prajna

A Yoga clothing collection that pays homage to a fusion of Nature’s most evoking elements and the passion of the human spirit. “Prajna” kindles a harmonious balance between movement and energy, that inspires a practice of mindful living. It seeks to unite the forces of Mother Earth to create a connection that steers you towards the discovery of a new philosophy of wellness.

Our Inception

Designing the perfect marriage of comfort and style for yoga clothing in Sri Lanka that not only is effective but inspirational, plays an integral role in our vision for culminating a lifestyle brand that motivates you to seize the day and make your mark on the world! Pranayamah’s Yoga attire is a medium to channel adventure, talent and skill that can transform your daily lifestyle.

Our Inspiration for ‘Prajna’

The artistry and aesthetic behind the lineup evolve from the strongest forces of nature; Our forests that are the lungs of the earth, Our Oceans filled with the deepest of waters and the Fires of the Open Skies. Each force of Nature is represented in our collection’s lineup and symbolizes key influences and characterizations that build an ideal platform for an active lifestyle.

The Call of the Forest

Inspired by Vrksasama or the Tree Pose that grounds you to your roots as you reach out like the branches of a mighty tree, the green woods instil a strong foundation of balance, stability and unison. A network of connection that creates a fellowship of peace and unison, the Call of the Forest explores themes of
living as one and advancing together as a single organism where we harness our energies to connect to our surroundings which is Mother Earth; an ecosystem that is home to all.

As Free as the Oceans

A surge of power as strong as the mighty seas inspires the rejuvenation of energy that consumes your mind and body. The current of the oceans aligns with your strength of being, as you wield your composure and harness this energy to your will, only to project a stronger, better version of yourself. Allow the cool blue waters of nature to wash over you, as it engulfs you in tranquility and serenity.

Beneath the Open Skies

Let the fires of the heavens set your soul ablaze! From sunset to sunrise, the skies are symbolic of consistency and acceptance. It speaks of the freedom to express yourself in a multitude of colourful expressions. The dawn of a new day brings a fresh start with renewed vigour and life that sets the tone for a day full of motivation which is eventually brought to a close by the end of the day, that beckons you to recharge and absorb your progress while you prepare for a new circle of life that is yet to come.

Our Intention

Our clothes define us. They are a part of who we are and reflect our life’s narrative. Pranayamah aims to influence communities through an active mindful lifestyle, by using Yoga attire to create a medium that = helps you to chase your dreams, go beyond your expectations and devote your energy to creating the best version of yourself.

Attire has the power to motivate and transform your personality and aura with just the right design. At Pranayamah our intention focuses on inspiring the yoga community of Sri Lanka to live life to the fullest and set sail on the next great big adventure. To be passionate, to do more and be more!


Discover the Healing Power of Yoga: Elevate Your Mind, Body, and Wardrobe with Pranayamah Yoga Clothing

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